Partner with Follower of One

Follower of One is the work of a community, to build a community. When you partner with Follower of One, we will create a place where marketplace Christians encourage and equip one another to impact their sphere of influence.

We’re Vicky and Mike Henry. We want to equip marketplace believers to serve Jesus full-time and make him known daily. Mike spent over 38 years working full-time, struggling with his “calling” to ministry. Mike never accepted the idea that he was a part-time Christ-follower. He sees “ministry” as the work of every believer. Therefore, we are all in full-time ministry.

Mike and Vicky commit to

  1. Work full-time to build a community where marketplace believers can encourage and equip one another to live a life of eternal impact:
  2. Pray regularly for partners and every member of the community;
  3. Communicate often to listen for ideas and keep partners informed about the work. Sign up for the newsletters here.

Mike and Vicky ask partners to:

  1. Pray regularly for Follower of One;
  2. Give regularly to fund the work and the growth of the community;
  3. Introduce others to Follower of One and to Mike and Vicky.

Would you begin a partnership with Mike & Vicky? Click the links above to learn more about each step.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash