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What would you tell other workplace ministers? Care to share? Why not write a post about why you believe in Jesus? Or maybe you could write about an experience at work where God made a visible difference. We are most interested in people who submit relevant, original content on a regular schedule, like once a month.

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Submission Guidelines

Our guidelines for submissions include:

  1. Target length: 350 – 700 words. Much longer and we may try to split it into 2 or more posts.
  2. Focus on serving Christ-followers who want their faith to make a difference in their everyday lives. You can refer to your book or your website, but please refrain from selling. Our goal is to equip. Offer a nugget from your book and let others decide if they want to buy something.
  3. We may not use your post. If we feel it doesn’t encourage Christ-followers to live their faith full-time, we will pass. Also if the piece needs serious editing, we will probably pass. We will give feedback in any case about why.
  4. We reserve the right to make minor edits. We will edit for readability.
  5. We will ask you for a 50-100 word bio and we will create an author page for you on the site. Your bio and all of your posts will be visible on that page. Feel free to share it on your other platforms.
  6. Please share your posts on social media. Please also consider sharing other content.
  7. Please check back on your post after a day or two and respond to any comments. Please also consider commenting on other author’s posts to encourage dialogue.

We would be honored to share your ideas on this site. Please fill out the form and we’ll get back with you quickly. Thank you!

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