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Our mission is to activate every follower of Jesus into the mission of God—wherever they work and live.


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We’re a global community on mission locally helping others move one notch closer to Jesus. We connect like-minded believers who encourage, equip and mobilize one another.
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What is a Marketplace Mission Trip?

A two-week mission trip to your workplace or school

Don't worry! We keep it simple and manageable for full time professionals and students.


Pray for our coworkers, friends and customers and anyone we meet. Ask God to show you ways to bless and encourage them.


Each weekday for 2 weeks, read a brief devotional and watch a short video filled with creative ideas and encouragement.


The second week, join a call each evening to celebrate Jesus’ miracles, pray for and encourage one another.

Benefits of a

Marketplace Mission Trip

Details of a Marketplace Mission Trip

The trip lasts 2 weeks

During that time we support each member with daily activities and community engagement including Zoom calls nightly for a week.

~Six trips per year

To accommodate everyone’s schedule we go on multiple mission trips throughout the year.

Just the beginning

They aren’t JUST joining a 2 week “trip” but are joining a growing community of followers of Jesus on mission.

The six things that happen On a Marketplace Mission Trip

Build spiritual strength...

as you pray for your coworkers, customers and friends.

Walk closer with Jesus

as He uses you in the lives of your coworkers, customers and friends

Transform your mindset

as you work for God. Your motives and your actions change for the better.

Think about your faith

Your faith will come alive as you ask God to give you opportunities to serve others.

Develop flexibility

God will provide opportunities for you to serve others so that He might become known.

Experience God

When we join Jesus, we see His power, glory and strength on display.

What Pastors & Ministry Leaders Say...

Chad Balthrop — Pastor

Hunter Wadlington — Associate Director of Missions FBCO


Marketplace Mission Trip: A Six-Week Mission Trip to Your Workplace

by Mike Henry Sr.

This guide can be a companion to a Marketplace Mission Trip or done with your own small group.

In this guide, you will cover a key idea each week to help you do your job like a missionary. After each session, you’ll work through a Bible verse and suggested activity for each workday of the following week.

Bulk Discounts Available!

Why partner with Follower of One?

We support you and your members

We support the work you already do. You want your members to flourish. We partner with you as a resource. Our proven, practical tools will equip your members to live their faith outside the church walls. Our content is delivered in a devotional format. Your people will experience joy and purpose in their daily life stations.

Encourage Church Growth

Not only will your members grow, but their other-focused lifestyle will attract their friends and coworkers. Everyone will learn practical ways to help their friends and coworkers move closer to Jesus. As they do, many will naturally become more involved in the local church.

A Proven Process

We’ve done all the legwork. The Marketplace Mission trip was “born” in 2017 and we’ve been fine-tuning and adjusting the process that’s allowed more than 500 people to go on a mission trip. Not only have we proven the impact that it has on people but we have also made the process simple and easy.

Multiple ways to take the Trip

If you’re a small church, you along with your congregation might just join us on a trip we already have scheduled. Churches with larger congregation are welcome to host their own trips. Or, if you want to go deeper, you may use our 6-week Small Group Workbook. The trip content can all be done from a computer or smartphone app making it adaptable to your needs.


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