Are You a Same-Culture Missionary? | Follower of One

Are You a Same-Culture Missionary?

Must a missionary be cross-cultural? Search the Internet for missionary and you will find thousands of references to cross-cultural ministry. I searched for “cross culture missions” and found page after page for Christian missions organizations, and some Mormon ones, too. But when I searched for same-culture missions I found pages of articles on mission, vision […]

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4 Daily Activities of a Full-Time Minister | Follower of One

4 Daily Activities of a Full-Time Minister

What does it take to be called into full-time ministry as a follower of Jesus? Who does God call? I spent my career working for someone else. I didn’t have much control over my time or my budget. I couldn’t choose to do certain things in the workplace until I had completed my job. And […]

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Become a Disturbance | Follower of One

Become a Disturbance

Where have you made common sense your god? For important issues, we must go beyond being disturbed. For the truly important, we must become a disturbance, upset the normal order and breakthrough to Jesus.

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Plan Your Most-Godly Response | Follower of One

Plan Your Most-Godly Response

Do you plan your responses to stress, frustration, disappointment. Most of the Christian life is a series of choices we make because of who we follow. I try to plan my most-Godly responses so circumstances draw me to God instead of away from him.

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