Marketplace Mission Trip: A Six-Week Mission Trip to Your Workplace


In this guide, you will cover a key idea each week to help you do your job like a missionary. After each session, you’ll work through a Bible verse and suggested activity for each workday of the following week.

Like any mission trip, you shouldn’t go on a marketplace mission by yourself. You need a team of people to support, encourage, challenge, and pray for each other. This book is designed for a group.

After six weeks, you should have a great habit established to go into your daily mission field with an action plan!

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The six things that happen On a Marketplace Mission Trip

Build spiritual strength...

as you pray for your coworkers, customers and friends.

Walk closer with Jesus

as He uses you in the lives of your coworkers, customers and friends

Transform your mindset

as you work for God. Your motives and your actions change for the better.

Think about your faith

Your faith will come alive as you ask God to give you opportunities to serve others.

Develop flexibility

God will provide opportunities for you to serve others so that He might become known.

Experience God

When we join Jesus, we see His power, glory and strength on display.

What our Missionaries Say

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