Huge Video Bible Study Library Added to Follower Of One

We are evaluating a potential partnership with Right Now Media @ Work to provide thousands of video clips, video training, conference talks and other resources to our members at no cost to the members. Our goal is to equip you to make Jesus known in your sphere of influence. We hope you minister to the people you meet every day. This great resource should help anyone looking to grow as a follower of Jesus.

RightNow Media @ WorkIf you’re registered in the Follower of One Community, you should have received an invitation. Check out these resources and let us know what you think! If you haven’t joined the community yet, click here and create a free account. We’ll send you an invitation to the Follower of One RightNow Media @ Work page. If you can’t find your invitation, just click here to let us know.

Huge Video Bible Study Library

We found bible studies whose DVD libraries cost hundreds of dollars alone. In addition, some of the videos contain directed studies to accompany many popular Christian leadership books, or recorded conference presentations. The teaching from these books and conferences would have a cost, too. But now you can access these and much more for personal or small group study.

Please let us know what videos you like and think we should feature. Do you have video training that you would also like to make available to the community? Send a note through our Contact Us page and we’ll get with you to make arrangements to create and feature a study based on your video content too!

This is a powerful tool. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Beginning in February, 2018, we will have a cost for this service, but with a huge potential benefit. If you’re interested using this tool, please join the community, check it out and let us know what you think!

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