Recommend Everyday Faith Resources

By Mike Henry Sr.

We believe the work of God in us produces a desire for us to work out our salvation (Philippians 2,12-13). We can’t expect to grow in our everyday faith if all we only sit for an hour or two a month in church. Our development as a follower of Jesus depends on our own pursuit of his direction and purpose for our lives. To that end, I use several online resources regularly and I bet you do, too.

I have only begun to appreciate the large number of excellent online resources that exist Many people work very hard to create these resources to assist us as we follow Jesus.  What if we decided to curate a listing of resources designed to help people follow Jesus and make a positive difference?

What resources would you recommend?

In addition to regular bible reading, what practices do you undertake daily to grow in your faith and impact? Are there any online resources you utilize?  Could you list some good podcasts, blogs, websites or ministries with resources to help? Are there online bibles you use? What about devotionals? What other people or articles, books or magazines would you suggest? Or, if you’re aware of a good list, share that too!

Share Your Recommendations Below

Your answers will help create a directory here that anyone can use to grow and apply our faith every day. Then, please submit links to your favorites in the comments below. In a few weeks, these comments will form the initial entries in an online directory. Also, if you would be interested in helping curate this directory as part of Follower of One’s ongoing web presence, please reply below. My hope is this will become a resource people from all of the world can use to grow in their knowledge of Jesus and live a genuine everyday faith as his follower.

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2 Responses

  1. I have hundreds of people who follow my blog posts on my website and on medium. Please consider listing these. I help people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant life and change their world.

    1. Jim, It looks like WordPress stripped off the links. Could you please send them to me on the Contact Us form? I’m in the process of getting a resource setup to collect these. Thanks.

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