About Us

Have you ever wondered about the outcome of your faith in Jesus? Would you like more of your life to matter for eternity? Do you even believe anything about your life can make a difference that lasts beyond your time here on Earth?

When I became a follower of Jesus, I had been living my own way by my own rules since I was old enough to move out. But when I decided my own path to success and happiness wasn't working, I decided to check out Jesus and what he taught. As I began to learn about him and what he taught, I decided to live as if what Jesus said was true. When I did, I was changed. The disappointments of my life seemed to be less catastrophic. And my goals and achievements began to be more others-focused. Almost daily, I started becoming more like the person I always wanted to be.

Over time, with the pull of life, financial and career commitments and my own selfish desires, there are days when I don't seem to live much of my time in the presence of God. My faith seems to be on a shelf somewhere at home along with my college degree and some old plaques and trophies from years gone by. But I know the only thing standing in between me and Jesus is me. Any time I want, I can turn to Jesus, remind myself of my own eternal purpose and draw near to him. My problems don't go away, but they aren't as big. And my minutes can count for eternity, when I listen to him and do what he says, whether I'm at work, home, or wherever.

Follower of One is my desire to connect us for the purpose of sharpening us, energizing us, encouraging us and spurring each other on to live a life that helps others see Jesus. Even though I believe we are all leaders, with the ability to influence others, there is this One Person, Jesus, we're called to follow. As we do that together, we grow as leaders and people who can change our world.?