Ministry Mindset Survey


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How often do you think like minister at work? Would you like to know? Complete the survey below. This isn’t a tool to judge you. We don’t want to serve up any guilt or shame. The score gives us each a repeatable way to evaluate how often we think like a minister during our average work week.


Take the Challenge

If you want to take the next step, sign up for the Ministry Mindset Challenge at the end of the survey. We will begin to pray for you by name and Monday through Saturday for 4 weeks, we will send you a brief email designed to make you think. 

Each email has a bible verse, prayer, and a thought for the day to remind you to work like a full-time minister. Join Jesus in his ministry full time! Simply fill in your email address and check the box at the end to start the emails.

Pass up the survey and sign up for the challenge! Please complete the fields below.