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We’re a global community helping others move one notch closer to Jesus. We connect like-minded believers who encourage, equip and mobilize one another.

What is Follower Of One
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Follower Of One Plan – 5 Day Activities







Follower Of One participants do the following 5 things every day.

Every day Follower Of One Participants chose to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them throughout the day. They pray here I am, for blessing others, and to give gratitude. Watch this video to learn more.
Participants get outside of job descriptions to appreciate their bosses and employers, to be responsible for doing a good job, and to seek understanding through listening. All because of what Christ did for us. Watch this video to learn more.
Participants know why they’re following Jesus and why they’re a marketplace missionary. They learn to use everyday language to answer what they believe. Watch this video to learn more.

Participants use their resources to serve others. As we draw closer to God, He gives us opportunities to serve those around us.
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People will ask. When you start praying, serving, and appreciating others, people will ask because you’re being a witness for Jesus.
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Get better by practicing. Follower Of One offers cohorts, challenges, and collaborations that help our members put their faith to work.

Our initial cohort is the Marketplace Mission Trip, a 2-week exercise to practice the 5 Daily Activities in our own individual workplaces.

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Join Follower Of One’s Online Community. Those that are part of the community get a notch closer to Jesus as part of the free online community. Through ongoing interaction, we connect and encourage one another. Enjoy great insights from other members, ask questions, and experience the acclaimed Marketplace Mission Trip.

Be encouraged. Be Equipped. Be Mobilized.


Would you consider being a Follower Of One partner? We’re able to offer the Online Community, Marketplace Mission Trips, Ministry Mindset Challenges, devotional podcasts, and other content at no cost simply because someone else already made it possible for the next participant to take a next step closer to Jesus.

We plan to grow the ministry through Individual, Group, and Investor Partners who contribute and introduce others to the Online Community. Join us by donating now!

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Watch these testimonial videos of actual Marketplace Mission Trip participants explaining how Follower Of One impacted their lives.