Short-Term Mission Trip to Your Workplace

In an earlier post titled Ordinary Missionary, I described a disconnect my pastor and I experienced when talking about a particular short-term mission trip. A member of Follower of One, Johnathan Hines and I were talking over coffee a few weeks ago and Johnathan heard the story I mentioned.

He quickly suggested, “Hey, you should host a short-term mission trip to the workplace!” The more we thought about the idea, the more interesting it sounded.

Mission Trip Activities

Commonly, on a mission trip we travel and spend several days somewhere we don’t normally go. We make the trip to serve others in some way so they might want to learn more about Jesus. For the period leading up the trip, we make certain preparations including:

  1. Pray and decide to go.
  2. Sign Up.
  3. Raise money to cover the cost of their trip.
  4. Pray about and study their destination and begin praying for others going on the same trip as well as the people we will meet.
  5. Learn the goals of the trip.
  6. Study and practice a way to interact with the people you will meet.

Once on the trip,

  1. We engage with local people, providing our planned service or performing our planned activities. We work to make friends and help others, and we talk about Jesus and pray for people if we’re asked.
  2. Each evening or the following morning, we meet for a devotional, review what God is doing through us, and pray for one another.

Your Workplace?

God Space by Doug Pollock | Follower of One ResourcesWould you sign up for a short-term mission trip to your workplace? Imagine going through these steps to prepare and then intentionally serve our coworkers like we’re on a mission trip. We could use God Space by Doug Pollock for our preparation.

Follower of One Virtual Mission Trip

Would you read 4 chapters of God Space and then join us on a virtual workplace mission trip? Our  “trip” would happen over 4 days. Each evening at 8 PM ET, we would join a conference call to recap the day, thank God for our opportunities and pray for one another and for tomorrow’s effort. Would you take part in something like this?

Please take a moment right now and pray that this idea becomes a reality and mobilizes workplace believers. Then, reply below or by email if you’re interested. What ideas, limitations and challenges come to mind? Where do you see problems? What obstacles should we plan for?

And stay tuned to this blog or join the Community for our first conference call to discuss.

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