Live Your Faith Daily

What does it mean to you to live your faith? Does it mean that you stop doing the things you know God doesn’t want you to do?  The term “Christian” obscures our core activity – to actively follow Jesus. That means we look for him and take part in the work he is doing.  I stop doing some things, mostly because there are others I need to do. (See 1 Corinthians 6:12.)  I want to know what Jesus wants me to do and then I must do it.

Today you have to go to work. You have a job to do and commitments to keep. But you still have choices how you perform in your job. Do you often ask God how he would have you work? How can you do your job in such a way that others would see that you follow Jesus?

What if you prayed for your coworkers and customers today? Do you think God might show you something different you could do for them? Might you become aware of a way to help them that doesn’t have anything to do with your job?

Will you pray for your coworkers, and the people who serve you today? There’s the person who brings your mail and the person who serves your lunch. There’s also the person who cleans your office. Often the people we don’t notice need prayer.

When was the last time you prayed for the people who are the most challenging at work? Is God showing you a way to serve them differently? Maybe you need to lead them differently, or serve them differently. Take a minute and ask God to show you a way to bless the people you contact at work today.

We live our faith when we follow Jesus. He is King and Lord. He has a way he wants us to do our job today. Let’s ask him and then do it. What is Jesus telling you to do? And what’s keeping you from doing it?

Photo by Alex King on Unsplash

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