No Hurry

Abiding takes time. To abide means to rest in and draw life from something. Jesus instructs us to abide in Christ in John 15:1-11 and other places.

I read 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 today. God transforms us to the image of Christ as we look to Jesus. And as we patiently wait, looking and trusting, we see him make a difference in our daily life. Over time, we become more like him. As we abide, we learn to abide. As we trust, we learn to trust. But, we often don’t see the transformation he creates in us unless we look back over time.

Wait For It!

In the series M*A*S*H, Radar O’Reilly used to know when helicopters were bringing wounded before anyone else could hear them. He’d tell everyone, “Choppers!” and when others questioned what he was talking about, he’d always say “Wait for it.” God is transforming us to his image. Wait for it! Abiding is trusting him and waiting for it. It’s an active waiting, not a passive one. I’m actively looking, working, praying, and trusting and watching for opportunities to live out this transformation.

Today, let’s ask God for patience to see him work. Let’s rest in his promise to transform us as we look to him with unveiled faces. Take a minute to appreciate Jesus, his promises and his work both in our lives and in our world. Let’s continue to look to him to transform us into his image so others will see Christ and turn to him.

We don’t have to hurry. Hurrying demonstrates our lack of trust, our unwillingness to abide. May we experience peaceful anticipation. We can and will see Christ in our day today if we look. When he shows up, and interrupts us, let’s find a way to say “Yes!” to whatever he tells us to do.

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