On-Mission Faith – Building an Awareness of Others in the Marketplace

By Chris Symons

This post was written by Chris Symons of CW Symons – Change Management Executive. To connect with Chris, visit https://www.cwsymons.com.

Whether you are retired, in the workforce, or simply looking for work, we all have opportunities to share Jesus with others in the marketplace. However, we often find ourselves pressed for time in our daily lives, moving at the speed of chaos, often at the expense of divine opportunities to minister to others. We must remember that we may be the only Jesus others see as light before them (Matthew 5:14–16). Our consideration of others is the foundation for an awareness of them, especially those we work with. 

Unto the Least of These – Building an Awareness of Others

Even as Christians, we can live hurried and fast-paced lifestyles. We lose sight of the fact that it’s not about us, though we may have an inflated confidence in ourselves because of our faith in God. We must remember that we are not special or more holy than anyone else. The love shown to us by God is the very love we are called to share with others. John 13:34–35 is clear about this. The Bible also tells us in Matthew 25:40–45 that we should carry an awareness of the least of our brothers and sisters that moves us to act on their behalf. Our brothers and sisters are found in many stations of life: from the unemployed to the retiree, janitor, retail clerk, every day shopper, office secretary, shift manager, and even the CRO. Yes, in all walks and stations in life.

A man sits with a homeless man

In building a more earnest awareness of others, what changes do we need to make so that the light in us and our conviction for the least of our brethren becomes abundantly clear to others?  Pausing for a moment to look at those we’ve never considered before through the eyes of Christ can be a helpful exercise. Remember that he loves them as much as he loves us. He desires a deeper relationship with all of us,and it begins with a personal relationship with Jesus. A good starting place to begin to grow closer is to  repent of our sins and ask him to be our personal Lord and Savior (1 John 1:9; Romans 10:9–10). We can be intentional in our faith and  awareness of others.

Deeper Reflection for a More Intentional Faith

In our move towards greater awareness and intentional living, we may need to spend more time in prayerful reflection. 2 Corinthians 13:5 challenges us to examine ourselves. So, what will we say in response to that call? We may need to ask ourselves if we are truly right with the Lord. Have we heard His voice, and do we trust His voice to lead us? Are we intentional in our walk? It’s important to take some time to prayerfully reflect on these questions. As we do, the words found in Joshua 24:15 will have a greater impact on our intentional faith: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Our intentional Christ living starts with our determination to truly serve him.

Reflecting on these questions may cause us to think that it is a risk to have faith at work. I challenge us by reminding us all that faith without works is dead (James 2:26). This concept of becoming aware of how to live an on-mission faith in the marketplace might be new. It’s never a bad idea to ask others for insight and prayerful support. Follower of One hosts an exclusive community for marketplace Christians who are committed to carrying their faith with them everywhere every day. It is time to come alive through greater awareness of the divine appointments available in your personal marketplace. Join Follower of One and become more intentional in your walk.

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