3 Thoughts to Turn Monday Into Ministry

Another Monday. God intends that we allow him to transform us as we renew our mind (Romans 12:1-2). A ministry mindset gives us the energy to face Monday with a Godly perspective. As a full-time minister, our Monday is an opportunity to reconnect with our coworkers, rejoin our mission and work to serve others. Jesus came to serve, as he states in Mark 10:45. And he calls us to serve, John 13:14-17.

Today, let’s pray with renewed energy for our coworkers, or the people we will see and talk to today. God is at work in their lives, drawing them to himself. He may have a job for us to do today. Regardless of who we work for, or what our job is, God can and does use us to make a difference when we turn our Monday into ministry.

Your Work Matters

First, your job makes a difference. Whatever you do, it is part of God’s common grace to the world. If you serve food, or clean streets, or weld pipe, or drive trucks, your work supports the standard of living for people in your community and your nation. If, while reading this, you have some pause about your job and the benefit it produces, check yourself. Does the work benefit others? I can think of a few jobs that may not. If God convicts you about your career choice, find a way to change it. Use the Contact form on this site and we’ll help.

Your Presence Matters

Second, your presence in the world makes a difference. We may not get a chance to save someone’s life, but we can hold a door, give a smile, give the benefit of the doubt. Our world needs a civil people who aren’t afraid of living and being what they believe. Whatever we do, if we do it from a ministry mindset from following Jesus, it matters forever (Matthew 10:42).

Your Prayers Matter

Third, your prayers make a difference, too. Our presence in the world can be a reminder to pray for others. For so many years, I reacted to things I didn’t like negatively. I still can, but now, I try to pray for others. I try to find ways to give grace. When we spend time isolated, we tend to think only of ourselves. In our time with others, God gives us opportunities to pray for and serve others.

So today, ask God to give you energy and enthusiasm for the day. And let us know how God uses you today in the comments or in the Follower of One community.

Photo by Charles Koh on Unsplash

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