Celebrate God’s Power – Psalm 18:28-29

Celebrate God’s Power

Celebrate God's Power - Psalm 18:28-29 | Follower of One

Mike’s been thinking about God and his power and goodness lately. It’s a response to a lot of self-help he hears in our faith these days. Sometimes it seems to him like we think God’s job is to make us happy.

David is very happy in this Psalm. These 2 verses are a small example of the things God does. David celebrates God quite a bit in this Psalm for sure. Do you celebrate God? Can you use this Psalm or these verses or others to remind yourself how good God is? And then can you let that goodness put you to work? In your workplace today, if you overflow with joy and love for God, you will be his workmanship in the lives of others. You can’t help it.

Think about God, but ask God to help you take action with your thoughts. God’s work in our life causes action. He gives us strength and energy and excitement so we will act. If you can’t do anything else, you can pray. And if you can do something else, then by all means, make it happen. Our actions matter. God created you to be part of his answer in this world. Celebrate him and his power and watch him put you to work.

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