Full Assurance of Faith – Hebrews 10:22

Full Assurance of Faith

Full Assurance of Faith - Hebrews 10:22 | Follower of One

When we deal with sin in our own lives, if you’re like Mike, you can sometimes think you’re not qualified. Maybe you lost your temper yesterday, or you did something worse. We all have. None of us are qualified through our own actions or behaviors to be used by God. But this passage shows us Jesus still has a job for us.

We all screw up. Mike said he often feels like the before-picture. But if ministry is helping others move one notch closer to Jesus, when we get an opportunity to help someone else, we should. We will get opportunities again today. The people you work with need to move closer to Jesus. Most of us are trying to move closer to him already. But everyone takes their own path. The almighty Creator of the universe loves us and enjoys us. He’s moving heaven and earth to be close to us. So as we draw near to him, one notch at a time, we can also help others draw near to him too. Don’t let your brokenness keep you from God.

Today, let’s focus on resting in the assurance that Jesus paid for our sin. Ask him to show you where you can appreciate and enjoy him more. If you need to make something right with a coworker, please do. And if we are convicted of sin in our life, we should deal with that too. Jesus may keep us out of his work because of sin in our lives. We’ll talk about how our relationship to Jesus impacts this tomorrow. But today, remember Jesus paid for your sin. You can’t pay for it. There aren’t enough things you can do or say to fix your past. But if you see an opportunity to serve Jesus by helping someone else move one notch closer to him, then by all means do it. Don’t judge success by the results either. If you’re faithful to do what you think Jesus wanted, then thank him and learn from the results. Look for ways to be a blessing to your coworkers today and watch Jesus work.

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