Give Ourselves To God – 2 Corinthians 8:5

By SAM Morrison

Give Ourselves To God

Give Ourselves To God - 2 Corinthians 8:5 | Follower of One

Have you given yourself to the Lord? Do you live from a place of God being first in your life? Today we look at 2 Corinthians 8:5. Mike shares that the part of the verse that stands out to him is “They first gave themselves to the Lord”.

We learn that the people in Macedonia had raised money for the Jews who were suffering in Jerusalem and Paul challenged the Corinthian church to give a good contribution to the people in Jerusalem as well. In this verse, Paul is drawing a parallel to the Macedonian church and how they gave so much, while in poverty, because they gave themselves to the Lord first.

The first daily activity in Follower of One is to punch in and give ourselves to God. Practice giving yourself to God today. Ask the Lord to use us, to put you to work and call you to do things outside of your job description so that you are visible in the workplace because of Him.

We show how much of ourselves we have given to God by the way we express generosity. Our giving of our treasure shows where our heart is. If we hold on to our stuff, we miss the grace of God. God’s grace was given to the church in Macedonia as they gave.

The people in Macedonia gave beyond what Paul might have even imaged. God challenged them to give more than expected. He gave His grace to the church in Macedonia, and as a result they gave liberally.

Let us give ourselves to Jesus today and ask Him to put us to work. If we are genuine, God will call us out even further than what we may be comfortable with. God will tell us how to give more. Trust God, do what He says and then go and make Him visible. Your ministry as a follower of Jesus Christ in your workplace matters forever.

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