How Godly Character Can Impact Business; Dave Kahle, Ep #8

Impact Business

In this episode, find out how you can impact business and influence those around you. No matter what position you hold in the workplace, this should be the goal. Dave Kahle encourages and empowers Christian businesspeople to see their role as ministers in the workplace. He talks about God, work, and what the Bible says about business. Whether you’re a business owner or work for someone else, you influence those around you. 

Find out how God wants to engage with you in the workplace. It’s all about teamwork. God gives us a task, then He works WITH us in the completion of that task. Listen to this episode to hear Dave talk about work in the Bible and how it applies to you today.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:11]   Meet Dave Kahle, writer, speaker, Christ-follower
  • [3:58]   Find out what the Bible says about business
  • [10:31] What if my employer is not a believer?
  • [12:33] How a godly business can impact the community
  • [18:22] Learn how you can make a difference in your business
  • [22:01] What is the problem of compartmentalization?

Find out your responsibilities as a Christian in the workplace

You may work for an employer who is not a believer. But whether you’re in a Christian environment or not, it’s your responsibility to do the best possible work. As you work with excellence and display godly character, you grow in your influence. As nonbelievers see Christ in your work, it’s the greatest opportunity to have an impact on their lives. Think about these activities we emphasize here at Follower of One:

  • Pray for people
  • Appreciate people
  • Know what you believe
  • Serve others
  • Speak for yourself

Regardless of who you work for, you can display God’s character. And as you focus on these five daily activities to engage in, you can see yourself as a minister rather than just another employee.

Learn how godly influence can impact business and the community

Chick-fil-A is one of the top national companies known for their morals and values. Their stand to close on Sundays alone has warranted attention. Yet it is one of the largest American fast food restaurant chains. God has used this company as an example to the community of how He blesses a godly business. 

The same is true with the influence of godly leaders in the Bible. Think of Lydia in the book of Acts. She was converted and baptized first, then her entire household followed her example. Our goal as believers is to have this kind of impact. Find out how your relationships in the workplace can be the catalyst to someone trusting Christ. Listen to Dave talk about why your business is God’s first choice venue to do His work. 

How to grow your Christian leadership in the workplace

Our goal at Follower of One is to help you see yourself as a minister in the workplace. Dave talks about several resources to assist you in this as well. Look at the Biblical Business Course he has available on his website, listen to podcasts, and find books that resonate with you. Thanks to the internet, resources are endless. 

Another important way Dave mentions how to grow your Christian influence is to find a small group of businesspeople seeking to do the same thing. It’s important to associate with like-minded people. There are several groups of Christian businesspeople meeting weekly or monthly to encourage and support one another. You can also join the Follower of One online community. Take time today to search out groups meeting in your area.

Be aware of the battle 

Dave talks about how there’s a world of Christian business people that have the wrong idea. They believe that church is what they do on Sunday and business is what they do Monday through Friday. There’s no connection between the two. This is a lie from the enemy who knows your potential as a believer in the workplace. God is interested in your work. He wants to walk alongside you in your business and help you see the connection between it and Christ. Take the lead and get away from the idea that church is one thing and business is something separate. Listen now to hear how you can be the driving force of godly influence in your workplace.

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