How to Make a Positive Impact in Your Workplace – Michael Henry Jr., Ep #5

Positive Impact

In today’s episode, our guest shares some creative ways he has used to make a positive impact in his workplace. Michael Henry always had a desire to live out his faith every day but was unsure about mission trips or ministry opportunities he should take. That’s why he was so excited about Follower of One and the Marketplace Mission Trips. He’s participated in a couple of mission trips. These have helped him learn how to approach coworkers and move them closer to God without being intrusive. Listen now to hear how Michael became more intentional with his actions and how the mission trips have helped him live out his faith every day.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03]   Hear about Michael’s experience with Follower of One
  • [3:58]   Find out how a box of donuts can make an eternal impact
  • [8:00]   Join a Marketplace Mission Trip to help change your perspective
  • [15:31] How to make a positive impact for Christ while traveling abroad
  • [17:02] Don’t ask the what-ifs, JUST DO IT

How a box of donuts can make an eternal impact

Through the mission trips, Michael learned how to live out his faith daily and was especially impacted in his prayer life and in finding out how to serve others. Through the daily emails, he was encouraged to buy donuts for his team. Interestingly enough, Fridays in his workplace are known as “donut day.” But in a particular week during the mission trip, Michael brought a box of donuts in on a Wednesday. This completely blew the team away. Listen to the impact this box of donuts made on Michael’s coworkers and how he was able to see God work through this simple act of giving.

Join a Marketplace Mission Trip to help change your perspective

Since participating with Follower of One and the mission trips, Michael noticed a heightened sense of awareness. He’s learned how to be a better listener and communicator. He tries to listen to the underlying meaning of their words, things that may be stressors at home and in their family life. He’s learned ways to find out how he can pray for people without coming right out and asking “How can I pray for you?” Find out more ways you can change your perspective about your workplace and see how God uses you. You’ll learn to see your coworkers and anyone you interact with through a different lens. 

How to make a positive impact for Christ while traveling abroad

Michael Henry Jr | Follower Of One

Michael’s job as a process analyst allows him to travel abroad. He currently lives in the Bible belt where it’s commonplace to talk about Christianity. But while in Europe, he learned in that culture, they do not talk about personal things like religion. Many see the topic of religion as negative. Many have described Europeans like a coconut – a hard exterior shell, but soft on the inside. Listen to this episode now to find out how Michael has learned to crack that shell and make lifelong friends. Find out how he’s had God-led conversations that have made a positive impact on those he works with abroad. 

Forget the “what-ifs” and JUST DO IT

Michael says that Nike’s motto is the best encouragement he can give. If you’re afraid of offending someone in the workplace, he encourages you to JUST DO IT. God knows what’s going to happen in each scenario. Your goal can’t be to save everyone in your workplace. That’s God’s job. Your job is to love and serve people. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and God is going to lead you to amazing opportunities. Be willing to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit. And the only way you’re going to hear from Him is by praying for your coworkers every day.

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