Imitate God – Ephesians 5:1-2

Imitate God

Imitate God - Ephesians 5:1-2 | Follower of One

How would you imitate God? First, we would need to study him. We would need to read what he wrote and examine what he’s done. We would even have to sort through some writings and actions of the people who claim to follow God.

Paul sums up this whole section and begins another one with these 2 verses. What does it mean to imitate God? Mike gives us some ideas today. We take the initiative to be loving and just. God is loving and just. He is so much more than we are, it’s hard for us to grasp. Sometimes we think he loves without regard for justice. And other times, we think he is just without regard for love.

He is more than we can ask or imagine, but we can imitate him. Otherwise Paul’s instruction would be a waste. We walk in love, like Christ did. That’s enough. Jesus even gave us the great commandment which is to love God and love people. Ask God to show you how to love Him and others today. He will guide you. Let’s practice our 5 daily activities, praying for others, appreciating others, knowing what we believe, serving others and speaking for ourselves. That is one way we can love God and others.

We can practice even more. Go to and put in your email address. You’ll spend the next 2 weeks practicing these daily activities in your workplace. You’ll see how you’re in a position to be a missionary, making an eternal difference in the lives of others, right now. Head on over and check it out. The next Trip starts this Sunday at 3 PM Central. Join us?

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