Knowing Yourself and Others with Michelle Prince – #29

Knowing Yourself and Others

On this week’s episode, Mike speaks with Michelle Prince. Michelle is a speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur. Currently, Michooelle focuses on her publishing and speaking businesses to help organizations of all kinds meet their goals and aspirations.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:15 – Meet Michelle Prince
  • 2:40 – The Power of Authority 
  • 5:00 – Michelle’s Journey with God
  • 7:10 – Faith making a difference in how Michelle acts
  • 15:45 – Speaking and Coaching with Michelle 
  • 17:20 – Michelle’s thoughts on how to integrate faith at work
  • 26:15 – How to Connect with Michelle

See Them for Who They Are

One of Michelle’s themes in this episode is seeing people for who they are. We all judge, and this human flaw sometimes keeps us from seeing people as their true self. It takes a concentrated effort to accept flaws and virtues for each person you encounter but when you do, it can be liberating! If we connect this with faith in your workplace, knowing people (even their flaws and strengths) can be a great tool for how you pray, help, and acknowledge them on a day to day basis. This comes full circle, because knowing yourself is important for Christ-followers, too. So, do you know yourself? Your strengths and weaknesses? How do you manage someone else’s flaws? These are questions we need to ask ourselves as we plan to integrate our faith at work.

What is Holding You Back?

Integrating your faith at work can be a difficult task. But why? Michelle says to start at the root of the problem.

You can’t move forward until you tackle what’s holding you back.

Michelle Prince

What exactly is holding you back from taking action? Is it fear? Procrastination? Self-hate? In order to be a missionary at your workplace we must first understand ourselves and how we operate. Maybe you’re afraid of what others might think after they get to know the “real you.” Maybe you feel too busy to go out of your way to help someone else. What reason lies at the bottom of these common excuses. Then, once you understand the problem you can then begin to build a solution. Michelle’s coaching and her business expertise can help you get moving. Connect with her to learn more.

Connect with Michelle

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