Live by Faith

Live by Faith

Paul, the Apostle, says he was crucified with Christ and his new life is a life in Jesus. What does it mean to live by faith? In your normal workweek do others see the life of Jesus in you? Mike talks about how the Follower of One daily activities help you live your life as if you have been resurrected with Jesus. Can you adopt Christ’s attitude toward others? Will you let Jesus use you in someone else’s life today?

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Getting Even | Follower Of One

Getting Even

Do you keep score? Do you keep a record and try to get even? The Bible challenges us to bless others. We don’t do something nice to someone to get even. We do something nice because we trust God. We are each accountable for our actions. If someone does wrong with us, God will make that right. Can you maintain good motives and good actions toward others, even when they don’t do good toward you?

Have Sound Judgment | Follower Of One

Have Sound Judgment

Do you have a sound judgment? Do you compare yourself to others? God gives each person a measure of faith. God gives us each the faith we need. He uses us each differently to accomplish his goals. The temptation to compare ourselves to others comes from our enemy. Focus on God. Work on your relationship with Jesus and focus on him, He will use you and he will use those who are not like you. Remember He uses each of us, those we agree with and those we don’t.

How to Live Out Your Faith in the Workplace | Follower Of One

How to Live Out Your Faith in the Workplace, Dr. Ryan Howard, Ep #7

Listen to Dr. Ryan Howard talk about faith in the workplace and how you can learn to live out your faith through it. He’s explored how work has a central role in the life of Christ-followers. Find out how it is a theme all throughout the Bible and how God uses it to accomplish His will.
How can His will help you go to work with a different perspective? Find out in this episode. He has called you to be a light in whatever job He’s placed you in. Choose to be His ambassador today.

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