Mentoring Generations of Biblical Leaders with Todd Melby – Episode #157

By Tammy Burke

In this podcast conversation between Mike Henry and Todd Melby, Todd shares insights about his work at Leadership Edge, a Christian nonprofit focused on leadership development through one-on-one mentoring. Here are the key points discussed:

Introduction to Leadership Edge: [01:00] Todd introduces Leadership Edge as a 30-year-old nonprofit dedicated to developing leaders of integrity through personalized mentoring. The organization’s focus is on helping young people understand and embody leadership integrity in all aspects of life.

Getting Connected with Leadership Edge:[02:09] Todd shares how he became involved with Leadership Edge when he was seeking guidance on living a faithful life in various areas. A mentor suggested that Todd become a mentor himself, leading him to engage with the organization.

Mentoring Range: [04:44] Todd explains that Leadership Edge mentors a wide range of individuals based on their readiness for intentional developmental relationships. While the typical age range is 20 to 35, mentees can be as young as 17 or as old as 55.

Personal Faith Journey:[06:01] Todd reflects on his Christian journey, emphasizing that his faith developed over time rather than through a single moment. He describes the progression from a good family upbringing to a deeper understanding of walking with Jesus in his thirties.

First Mentoring Experience: [21:35] Todd shares his initial mentoring experience, acknowledging that he didn’t invest enough intentionality into the relationship. He later learned to approach mentoring more effectively, with success measured by the growth and positive decisions of his mentees.

Continuous Friendships: A key aspect of Leadership Edge’s approach is maintaining friendships even after formal mentoring relationships conclude. This ensures ongoing support and connection.

Success Stories: [20:40]Todd highlights success stories where individuals faced challenges and turned to the principles learned through Leadership Edge for guidance. One example is overcoming marital difficulties through open communication and faith.

Mentor Training: [26:47] Todd discusses the rigorous mentor training provided by Leadership Edge, covering theology of leadership and mentoring, helping mentors effectively guide their mentees.

Impactful Stories: Todd shares a story of a young man who found faith in college and later grew into an influential leader with the support of Leadership Edge, showcasing the organization’s positive impact.

Future Plans:[26:47] Todd mentions Leadership Edge’s plans to expand by working with executive leadership teams in churches. The organization aims to mentor youth pastors to establish leadership development programs and provide resources for effective mentoring.

Encouragement for Difficult Times: Todd concludes by encouraging listeners to maintain their focus on the Lord even in chaotic times, emphasizing that God’s control can lead to miraculous outcomes.

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