Mike Shares on Tulsa Beacon Radio Show

Mike Shares on Tulsa Beacon Radio Show

Mike shared his testimony about Follower of One on the Tulsa Beacon radio show this past weekend on KXOJ. Host, Charlie Biggs, and Mike talk about the five daily activities which we can all do daily at work to plant the seed in our coworkers for Christ to grow in them.

Open the Door for Jesus to Work

Charlie and Mike share some great stories about how they have and have seen others, serving others as Jesus has asked us to do. Serving others in our workplace, expecting nothing in return, opens the door for Jesus to work in our coworkers. When those doors are opened, others will ask you why you are the way you are, or why you do the things you do. It’s this moment where we are able to share our faith.

Become a Missionary in Your Marketplace

Make sure to give it a listen to hear how you can become a missionary in your marketplace. Want to join us on our next Marketplace Mission Trip? Sign up for our January 20th trip today!

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