Ministry Mindset Part 3 – Skill and Opportunity

We spoke about how a missionary mindset changes our perspective on work. We said that when we adopt this perspective, we gain new direction, new purpose, new skills, and a new boss.

Our New Skills

We have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us once we trust Jesus and bend our lives to follow him. The Holy Spirit shows through us in what we do. Often people call these “spiritual gifts.” Sometimes, I wonder if people believe we get one or two of those gifts from the Holy Spirit and that he delivers them on the porch like a package carrier. We bring it in the house, set it up and look at it from time to time or use it like a desk lamp.

Many biblical scholars debate about the verses that mention the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, but 1 Corinthians 12:7 (NASB) says “But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” Multiple translations all use the word “manifestation” which means “a perceptible, outward or visible expression.” (From Merriam-Webster.) We are each given the Holy Spirit who makes himself known through us.

How? Through our actions. In my simple mind, the Holy Spirit isn’t limited to only making himself known by our most common spiritual gift or ability. He gives us interesting things to do that we’ve never done before. Sometimes, he gives us menial labor, or dirty jobs to do for others. Other times, he may give us leadership responsibilities. Still others we may only have a good word or a prayer for someone. He’s God. He’s not limited in what he gives us to do or how he equips us to do it. We get new skills.

Opportunity and Ability

We get opportunities and abilities we didn’t know we had when we start asking God to put us to work for his glory. We still need to compare everything we think God is telling us to the Bible and we should also check things with other believers, especially if the ideas sound pretty wild. God won’t guide us to contradict his word, by breaking the law or lying or telling someone they’re fat. We can still create a big mess claiming “God told me.” But if you see a need to help someone, or serve someone, chances are this is your chance. Why not take it?

The more we watch for God at work, the more opportunities we have to take part. Don’t let fear or the unknown keep you from being or doing what you think God needs you to do, especially when helping others. Please don’t think, you can’t help someone because God didn’t give you the gift of helps, or service. If a person needs help and you give it, you joined God in his work and he made himself known in and through you.

Do you believe God can make you just the person for the job? Do you see a job? What can we do to help you join God in his work in and around you?

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