Practical Prayer Part 2 – Matthew 14:30

By Michael Henry Jr.

In today’s passage, Matthew 14:30, Peter is walking on water with Jesus. When he sees the wind, he focuses on his circumstances and begins to sink. He cries out, “Lord, save me!” This short prayer is a reminder that we can pray to Jesus in any situation, no matter how desperate it may seem.

Little prayers matter. When we follow Jesus, what we say and do matters. Prayer is a dialogue between us and Jesus, and we can pray all the time.

We are called to be ministers in the marketplace, serving others so that they might see Jesus. This is our calling, and it is why we should focus on sentence prayers. They help us to stay connected to Jesus and to be open to His leading.

Let’s pray, “Lord, save me. Use me today. And may what I do today count forever.”

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