Provoke One Another – Hebrews 10:24

By SAM Morrison

Provoke One Another

Provoke One Another - Hebrews 10:24 | Follower of One

Do you even know who the other Christians are in your workplace? This series of “let us” statements in Hebrews are written to believers. And here the author suggests that we should stimulate one another (NASB). Other words include encourage, motivate, stir up, provoke. Some translations have “spur.”

When we stir up something, we shake it up. We’re messing with the status quo. When something is unstirred, it isn’t mixed well. It’s settled, like sweet tea with all the sugar at the bottom. We have to mess up the order of something to produce the desired result. When you spur a horse, you irritate them. They go faster, because they want to get away from the pain.

The idea here is that we will challenge one another, encouraging one another to do the things that make Jesus visible: love and good deeds. We want to encourage one another to make a difference with our lives. We don’t just get through work. Mike’s most common prayer about work was to “get outta here!” He confessed to doing his job so he could leave. There’s a big difference between doing our jobs so we can leave, and doing our jobs to obey Jesus and love others.

Today, let this podcast stimulate you and spur you on. Perform your work to obey Jesus and love others. Make your work a “good deed.” Ask Jesus to use you to make a difference in the life of a coworker. If the coworker you’re working with is a Jesus-follower, spur one another on. And if they’re not, find another way to demonstrate love through good deeds.

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