Ready for Anything Part 1 – 1 Peter 1:13

By SAM Morrison

Ready for Anything Part 1

Ready for Anything Part 1 - 1 Peter 1:13 | Follower of One

Are you ready for anything? What does it take for a Christ-follower to be ready to serve Jesus in any situation? In one verse, we may have the answer. Peter writes this letter to the Christians who were scattered throughout the Roman Empire, especially the areas that amount to western Asia. As you study this letter, you find this is written to all of us who are aliens, outsiders in our present situation. (See 1 Peter 1:1-2.)

Peter just finished telling us about the greatness of our God and our salvation. The word “therefore” connects these thoughts. Because of who God is, and how great his salvation and love for us are, then we should do 3 things.

Prepare our minds for action: in that day, they wore long outer garments. To run, they would have to pull up the cloth so it didn’t entangle their legs. They would prepare to run. The same Greek word is used here. We’re to ignore the details and focus our minds for action. We have a purpose. We can expect to be called upon to act. Our minds must be ready, prepared. How do you prepare your mind for action? Back when Mike commuted to work, he was aware that if he got too tired, and came home expecting to relax, he would be disappointed. When he got home from work, his wife expected him to help with the kids. Mike had to purposely switch his mind to that of helper with family matters.

In our workplace ministries, we need to switch our brains on. Doug Spada with has a product called the Monday Switch Kit. It’s about switching your faith on when you enter the workplace. He talks about how many of us live like atheists on Monday – Friday. One of the tools in that kit is the book, Monday Morning Atheist. You can check out these great resources at

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