Your Faith at Work by Ryan Howard

Dr. Ryan blogs and has a podcast to share practical ways we can integrate and engage our faith at work. Check out his ebook, 21 Days to a New Workplace You: Jumpstart Your Faith at Work Journey, too!

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More Resources for your mission in the workplace

God Space by Doug Pollock | Follower of One Resources

God Space by Doug Pollock

God Space by Doug Pollock will help you intentionally create space for God in the conversations you have with people you meet.

The Law of Rewards by Randy Alcorn | Follower of One

The Law of Rewards by Randy Alcorn

Do you think much about the rewards offered to Christ’s followers in scripture? Randy Alcorn did. He wrote a book titled The Law of Rewards: Giving what you can’t keep to gain what you can’t lose.


iWork4Him Podcasts

iWork4Him broadcasts weekdays to share testimonies, hear from authors and speakers and tackle topics to encourage you to look at your workplace as your mission


Share your salvation testimony online. And check out some great stories about the work of God!