Splinters and Logs – Luke 6:41

Splinters and Logs

Splinters and Logs - Luke 6:41 | Follower of One

Why do we criticize others for the small speck in their eye and we ignore the log in our own eye? Jesus talked about this a few times. In Matthew 7, he said this when talking about judging others. Luke records the Sermon on the Mount slightly differently. This speck and log comparison has to do with teaching. I wonder if this doesn’t apply a bit to political arguments in our day.

What if we focused not on the words and actions of others, but on those of ourselves? Who do you disagree with? Do you focus on what they do that’s wrong? Do you watch a particular flavor of news, focusing on the conflict between your way of thinking and that of someone else? Why would we watch one news channel and criticize all the others? Could it be that Jesus challenges us here with our own tendency to listen only to those with whom we agree?

Today, let’s examine the logs in our eyes. Do we have the guts to ask God to convict us? He won’t give you much of an answer unless your request is genuine. And even then, he won’t answer you more than once if you don’t act on his answer. Let’s be a people who examine the log in our eyes.

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