Struggle Against Part-Time Faith

Part-Time Faith

Do you feel like a part-time Christian? Does your work or your activities consume your mind for most of each day? Do you feel like you have only, part-time faith?

I often wondered if Jesus wanted me to be a part-time minister. I could do “Christian stuff” when I wasn’t at work. But at work, my primary goal was to stay out of trouble, do a good job, and avoid temptation.

I Remember

I remember one random Wednesday when it occurred to me that I had no notion of Jesus for the last couple of days. Sometimes I was interrupted as I arrived at work or I read an email informing me of the day’s drama before I left the house. Then, for hours or even days, other interruptions interrupt, my interruptions. I’d look at my watch at 3 or 4 PM and wonder if, or when, I might ever leave for home. Leaving became my top priority.

Great Intentions

Many people begin the Marketplace Mission Trip with great intentions. It sounds easy: spend 15 minutes each morning and 30 minutes each evening to make ourselves available to Jesus and stop only doing part-time faith. Sometime during the trip, reality sets in. Those interruptions and meetings happen. It could start with your snooze button or a traffic jam. When you get to work, a customer is already irate, or a deadline slipped; a long meeting or an Internet outage. Others tug on us to finish our tasks early so they can slip. In our team-oriented, automated-workflow, just-in-time business world, you could be late because someone you don’t even know dropped the ball. And this doesn’t even include school, sick kids, family commitments…

Feeling the tension?

Does It Slow Down?

Does God have an answer? Do we just tread water or do our best until we can leave? Must we keep our heads down and hope we can make it to the weekend or “someday” when it slows down? Does “it” ever slow down?

God Has A Plan

Jesus wants us to follow him full-time, not part-time. We can develop the habit of listening to Jesus while we do a great job, right where we are. He is capable of directing our behavior in hectic meetings and pressure-packed work situations. God has a plan for our work today. He will accomplish His goals. If we listen and watch, we can join him. We don’t have to live, part-time faith.

Follower of One was created out of this frustration. We want to create a community where we each help others remain connected to Jesus. One way to do this is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch for new videos appearing soon. Another way is to join our community and connect with others who want Jesus to be front and center every day. In the community, we walk with you, pray for you and we will help you connect with others who can help you and be helped by you. We will pray for and equip you to walk with Jesus the other 6 days too!

Image by: Martin Barraud for Photo Images

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