The Idea to Be Generous – Matthew 5:42

The Idea to Be Generous

The Idea to Be Generous - Matthew 5:42 | Follower of One

Yesterday, I spoke about God giving me an idea to be more generous. Well, I waited until I took the action inspired by God to record today’s episode. Today’s passage is Matthew 5:42 – Give to the one who asks you and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you. While I was preparing for this message, I got another idea and I acted on that idea, too. Do you hear God challenging you?

I’m reading a book titled The God Of The Mundane by Matthew B. Redmond. It’s currently difficult to find, because they’re about to re-release it. Our lives are pretty ordinary. Jesus calls to us in our ordinary lives to make a difference in the life of one other person. It may be by praying for them. It may be through a gift, of time, money, or attention. When was the last time you made time for someone? When was the last time you gave more than you thought? When we do acts like these, because we trust Jesus, they matter forever.

You’ve probably heard it said that you can’t outgive God. But are you trying? I’m not. I wonder what my life would be like if I lived like I want to trust God for everything. I certainly would be quicker to give. Today, let’s act on one of the ideas we have. If we don’t have an idea, we’re not asking.

If you pray and ask God to show you something you can do for someone else, I can think of 3 reasons why you might not hear his idea. You’re either asking the wrong person, which means you don’t know and follow Jesus, you’re not listening to his answer; or you have some obstacle in your life that he wants fixed first.

Call me if you ask and don’t hear an answer. I would be glad to help you hear Jesus as he puts you to work. You won’t have to change your job, sell your stuff and move to another country. But you may do something that makes you a little nervous.

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