The Rise of the Faith Work Movement with TJ Tison, #95

In this week’s episode Mike speaks with TJ Tison.

TJ is the CEO of E5 Institute (E5I) whose mission is to help faith-focused organizations and professionals mobilize their mission and expand their impact for good and God in the world. Listen to this episode to learn more about the faith work movement and the importance of dissolving the line between sacred and secular. 

Episode Breakdown

  • 1:19 – The Mission of E5I
  • 9:33 – Spiritual Growth and Business Objectives 
  • 14:28 – COVID’s Impact on Faith and Work
  • 20:33 – The DNA of the Body of Christ 
  • 24:50 – Connecting with T.J. and E5I

The Line Between The Sacred and The Secular

Although there may still be a line between the sacred and the secular in our culture, there is still a tight overlap between spiritual health and business growth. T.J. and Mike dive into the importance of integrating spiritual growth into our business objectives and give you more to consider in your own Christian and career walk.

Understanding Where People Are Hearing About Jesus

T.J. says, “we know that the majority of people, especially the generations coming up, are not going to hear about Jesus at church, because they’re not going to church. They’re going to hear about Jesus in the workplace because the workplace is completely staffed with people who are Jesus followers.” As Christians it’s more important than ever to be equipped to navigate faith outside of church. As we begin to consider the Gen Z generation and beyond, how might we as Christians find opportunities to engage in faith discussion?

Breaking Down Geographical Barriers

“And one of the things that COVID did was it broke down some of the geographical boundaries.” T.J. shares that we now have a tremendous opportunity to expand and continue to spread the faith work movement. We can reach people in different geographical areas that we never could before. And yes, that means that the church model is shifting but it also means that, as T.J. says, “God is shaking us up as believers.”

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