The Special Gift – Acts 11:17

By SAM Morrison

The Special Gift

The Special Gift - Acts 11:17 | Follower of One

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? There are some scriptures that point out the gifts and they’re labeled. Many of my friends know what their gifts are. Maybe the gift is administration, or preaching or discernment. There are a couple of passages that list various of these gifts. I’ve always wondered between translations and changing times how accurate some of this might be. I also wonder what purpose the gift is when Jesus asks us to do something outside of our gifting.

However, there is one gift I know we receive. Peter talks about that “THE” Gift in this passage. When the first Gentiles heard the Good News from Peter, they believed and received the Holy Spirit.

If we truly follow Jesus, we are given the Holy Spirit. God’s only marketing plan is to work through us. He shows up in our lives, our actions make him visible. Notice here that God didn’t save these Gentiles, but rather he had Peter go. Peter took witnesses. And then they went back and told what they saw. God uses us. He wants you to be involved. And where you work and how you currently spend your time are only excuses if you let them be.

The Holy Spirit lives in you if you have trusted Jesus. Ask God today how your life may witness to the Holy Spirit living in you. You can certainly serve someone today because you follow Jesus. And who knows, they might even ask you why you did. Ask God to use you today to make him visible. You have the spiritual gift you need. Please put your faith to work today. Integrate faith into your life by listening to God and then live in such a way that others might see him.

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