Using Faith As We Navigate Finances with Mike Little #100

In this week’s episode, Mike speaks with Mike Little who leads the inward and outward work of Faith and Money Network as director.  Mike serves as the lead money mentor, listening to and accompanying individuals who want to deepen their understanding of how money shapes their lives and take actions consistent with that depth of understanding.

Episode Breakdown

Mike Little
Mike Little
  • 1:30 – The Faith and Money Network
  • 8:45- Understanding Our Money Autobiography
  • 14:00- Using Faith As We Navigate Finances

The Faith and Money Network

As Mike explains, The Faith and Money Network’s mission is to, “explore and improve everyone’s relationship with money in regards to its connection to our faith values.” In addition, Mike adds, “we want to encourage others to move money from silence and secrecy into a place of openness and vulnerability.”

Understanding Our Money Autobiography

Mike explains a bit more about the “Money Autobiography” which is one of The Faith and Money Networks oldest tools. The Money Autobiography is a series of questions that helps you unpack your past about money, how you currently balance giving/ receiving, and diving deeper into your history with money to reflect on your current struggles or concerns around finances.

Using Faith As We Navigate Finances

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, faith plays a major role in our relationship with money and how we decide what to do with our finances. Mike shares some success stories and how shifting the narrative around money has helped many within the community.

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