Who Is He? – Mark 8:29

By SAM Morrison

Who Is He?

Who Is He? - Mark 8:29 | Follower of One

Who do you say Jesus is? Does your life support your statement? When we live giving our lives away, we operate on a different economy than the rest of the world. In verse 30, Jesus tells them not to tell anyone else. There will be another time for talking. But for now, simply knowing is enough.

We live our lives according to what we think about God. If you believe in a big God, you can freely give (See Matthew 10:8 and Romans 8:32). You know whatever you give, more will be given to you. (See Luke 6:38). But if you hang on to your time, if you obsess about your own schedule, your own tasks, your rights and your career, you operate apart from Jesus.

Mike talked about being convicted because of his own fear of loss. The more we have, the easier we scare. Maybe that’s why so many seem so fearful in our world these days. But today, remind yourself why you believe in Jesus. Remember what he promised you and what he has done in your life already.

As you remember, you practice today’s action item. Remember why you follow Jesus. Then, get out on the limb. Try and outgive God. Try to serve others beyond what you typically do. Ask God to show you how you can invest in others, and then watch how God expands your horizons. Try to double the number of people you pray for, or the time you spend getting ahead so you can be interrupted. Give you family more, and give your coworkers more and take less for yourself. Ask God to give you peace and rest as you do.

Then watch him work. The farther “out there” you get, the more likely people will ask about your motivation. That’s when you get to say what you practiced from day 3. Simply tell them the reason for your hope. Answer in the first person. Sometimes we get the chance to speak. But we can always serve. Stay busy serving, looking for opportunities to share about the reason for your hope, and the One you follow.

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