Who’s Your Boss?

Who’s Your Boss?

Leah: Who’s your boss? Hi, I’m Leah with Follower Of One and if I asked you that question, “Who’s your boss?” What would your answer be? Well, today, Mike is going to talk with us about how your initial response might not be the best for this question. Let’s check it out.

Oh, About Half

Mike: Hi, I’m Mike Henry with Follower Of One. For many years, my father managed a trucking company and people would ask him, “How many people work for you?” He would always think pensively for a second and then go, “Oh, about half.” That’s a funny story based on my dad’s past, but it really does tell a little bit of a story, too, about how things work in the world. In 1 Peter 3:15, it actually begins with a statement, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.” Peter’s making a comment here about who our boss is. A Lord is a boss. If you’re like me, I sometimes struggle with submitting to certain authority figures. I always wanted to be my own boss. In fact, even the name of this organization, Follower Of One, goes to a conversation I had with people years ago about whether or not I was a follower or a leader, or whether or not you are a follower or a leader.

Jesus Marveled

Jesus asks all of us to follow Him because He is Lord. That Lord is our boss. He’s the boss of our life. There’s another story about a Centurion who sends word to Jesus, that his serving is sick and asked Jesus to heal his servant. So Jesus says, “Sure, let’s go.” But the Centurion says to Jesus, “You don’t have to come, for I, too, am a man under authority. And when I say to this person go and do something, they do it.” Jesus marveled at this man’s statement in verse 10. Why did Jesus marvel? Jesus marveled at the man’s faith because the man understood Jesus’ relationship to God. When do you tell God no? Our Action Item for this week is to try not to tell God no anymore. Because when we tell Him no, we’re telling Him we’re our own Lord. We’re telling Him, we call the shots.

Your Ministry Rises & Falls on Who is Your Boss

We’re telling Him we don’t want to represent Him today. When we tell God no, we kind of check out. What we want to do instead is listen to and obey God because He’s the Lord. We’ve set Him apart as Lord in our hearts. In 1 Peter 3:15, everything follows based on the fact that we set Christ apart as Lord in our hearts. Your ministry today rises and falls on who is your boss, who is your Lord. If you make Christ your Lord and do what He says, you will glorify Him in your workplace. You’ll be a marketplace minister and you’ll make a difference for eternity. Let’s go do that this week.

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