Worthy to Suffer – Acts 5:41

Worthy to Suffer

After yesterday’s verse, Peter and John were flogged. It wouldn’t have been pretty. We don’t tolerate punishment like that any more in the west. They would have been hit on their bare backs several times with a whip that contained multiple straps of leather. Yet, after it was over, they rejoiced.

Where does the strength to have joy in suffering come from? I don’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge. I whine too much. I complain to God about working from home and having to wear a mask. These men convict me. They lined their life up with Jesus so well, that he gave them his supernatural peace and joy. I read about that joy in Philippians 4 and can even recite some of the verses. But I still whine.

What you face today can be a source of joy. I know it because the Bible tells us. These men rejoiced because God considered them worthy to endure this hardship so that Jesus would become visible. Jesus clearly became visible through the life of these men. Jesus will make himself visible to our friends and coworkers through us too if we can do what Peter and John did. They remained faithful, and they obeyed their authority. Strange combination, but it made Jesus visible and gave them great joy.

What’s God asking you to do today? Find a way to act, trusting that he will make himself visible. Your plan may not work. Peter and John didn’t set out to be flogged that day. But they understood what God is doing and they celebrated to be a part.

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