3 Steps to Grow Our Workplace Ministry

Does God want you to minister full-time? Will you leave your job? Will you move to a foreign country? Will you need to sell your house? Or can we grow a workplace ministry? Does God expect us to serve him as a full-time minister in our work, among our families and friends? What does it take to train ourselves to think like a full-time minister in our everyday life?

Act on what we see

First we see opportunities to help others all the time. Maybe you pass a driver stranded on the road. Or someone is panhandling at the intersection. We may hear of a coworker whose child is sick. Or we may hear that a relative of one of our coworkers is dying. What does God want us to do when we see these opportunities.

We can do more. Whatever it is, we can pray more, we can take a minute and help someone out. We can give a little time or money. We can pray with someone and not simply tell them we will pray.

Ask God to show us more

God is busy in the lives of everyone you contact every day. What is he doing? He’s drawing them closer to himself. And he may want you to help. Ask God to show you more opportunities to take part in his work, and watch what happens. You’ll get all kinds of ideas. Give yourself to God every time and do what he says and watch your ministry grow.

Do what God says

Finally, sometimes, God will tell you to fix yourself. Do you harbor unconfessed sin? Is there a practice where you simply refuse to follow Jesus? Do you secretly look at porn? Do you cheat on your taxes? Habitually speed, gossip, or overeat? God will challenge us to deal with our issues, too. We can’t help people get much closer to God than we are ourselves. Sometimes, you will pray for your coworkers and God will convict you, even embarrass you, to get you to draw closer to him first. Open yourself to God’s leading and do what he says.

Want to take some serious action? We just launched a Ministry Mindset Challenge. Rank yourself on 10 questions to honestly and fearlessly examine your proximity to God. At the end of the survey, sign up for 4 weeks of daily emails designed to launch your full-time ministry right where you are. Will you commit 4 weeks to growing in Jesus and publicly serving him as a minister every day? Check it out!
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