4 Daily Activities of a Full-Time Minister

What does it take to be called into full-time ministry as a follower of Jesus? Who does God call?

I spent my career working for someone else. I didn’t have much control over my time or my budget. I couldn’t choose to do certain things in the workplace until I had completed my job. And if I completed my job with hours to spare, there were other work-related things I had to do.

So is it true that I was never called into full-time ministry? No way!

Jesus saves people in every walk of life. Some are successful, some are poor. Some are healthy, others have illnesses. Acts 1:8 says we will be his witnesses. The verse isn’t a command; it is a statement of fact. For many of us, our ministry is making Jesus known to others who work for someone else.

4 Daily Activities (edited to add a 5th)

There are 4 key activities we can do every day to grow our ministry while working for someone else. These activities are not illegal nor will they cost us our job or a future promotion. But as we practice them, we grow our ability to minister to others full-time without leaving our job.

  1. Pray. We use prayer to tell God we’re available and we’d like to do what he wants us to do. We also ask him to show us which of our coworkers we can help move closer to Jesus today.
  2. Appreciate others. We must develop an appreciation for others. Remember God made them too. He’s as excited about them as he is about you. When we appreciate others, we find ways to carry out activities that make their lives better.
  3. Know what we believe. We need to think about why we believe in Jesus. People will ask us and we must have a good answer (1 Peter 3:15). Ask yourself “Why do I believe in Jesus?” Then ask yourself “Why?” a few more times. Get to the real reason. Ask God to help you.
  4. Get outside your job description. Do the things God brings to mind while you’re praying. The more you do what Jesus tells you to do, the more he will tell you to do. You also must do your job very well so others (and God) can interrupt you. When they do, make time to serve others around your work commitments.
  5. Speak for yourself. When you get a chance to explain the hope you have, speak in the first person. Don’t quote the bible or your pastor. Explain the answers you uncovered in #2.

Now, you have a strategy for your workplace ministry. Consider this your call into full-time ministry. Will you move with God? He has a job for you today, and every day. Comment below to let us know you prayed and asked God to use you today and I’ll pray for you, too. Then, please keep us posted. You will never regret doing what God asked you to do when he asked you to do it.

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

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