2 Lies Sabotage Workplace Ministry from the Inside

Ministers value others. Jesus called us to love God and love others (Mark 12:29-30). Even when we try to value others as part of a ministry mindset, many lies sabotage our ministry. Two of these lies sabotage our ministry from the inside.

2 Lies Sabotage Workplace Ministry from the Inside | Follower of OneWe can lie to ourselves about both our motives and our methods. John Ortberg, in the book, I’d Like You More If You Were More Like Me, mentioned that studies show that babies can fake cry to get food or comfort at 6 months. We can lie before we can talk! Our flesh has a fallen nature. We don’t live up to our Creator’s purpose. So even when we try to think like a minister and serve others, we wrestle with our flesh before we begin.

Motive Lies

What is my real motive for serving others? Do I want to serve others so they’ll like me? Do I want to bless my boss so I can get a promotion? Or do I want to serve these people so they will know and glorify God? We can lie to ourselves in this area and often we’re easier to fool than the people around us. Why do you think people commonly refer to Christians as hypocrites?

One breakthrough for workplace ministers is to sharpen our ability to help others succeed. We need to help everyone get ahead, even if we do not. If our coworkers succeed, can we experience true joy? Can we work as hard for their success as we do for our own?

Method Lies

When we think we have motive lies beat, method lies can catch us. Do we want people to do what we would do? We can try to manipulate others to “help” them do what we would do. “Everyone would be better off if they would just do what I would do. That’s why I’m so quick to offer advice so freely.” Or, “If they’re going to do it ‘that’ way, they can do it on their own.”

Except when our friends try to do something unethical or wrong, helping them with wrong motives or clumsy methods sabotages our workplace ministry. Jesus died to help every person truly “succeed” in the best sense. Can we help people succeed who don’t follow Jesus? How? And how can we avoid or resist these 2 lies?

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