Never Ending Love – 1 Corinthians 13:8

Never Ending Love

Love never ends. Love is one of the few things we will do once we fully come to terms with God and who he is. Love never goes out of style. Loving someone else will always work. Notice that what we know, what we say, and even our relationship with God will all change one day. But Love will never go out of style.

Have you ever spent time with a friend or someone who told you they loved you but they never showed it? This whole chapter tells us love without action is meaningless. But even action without love is also meaningless. Love is ingredient that doesn’t go out of style. Love finds a way. And love seldom shows up best through what we say. Our prophesy, or our teaching about God, our knowledge, our tongues will be done away.

How does love motivate you? Do you love the people you work with? For many years, I did not. I wanted to get back out to my suburb, and to my real friends. I think my coworkers knew it. They knew where my heart was. They knew I followed a savior who was all about love, but I wasn’t living what Jesus taught. I loved the people like me and not the people around me.

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