Become a Disturbance

Many of us read daily devotionals. Since 2018 is not a leap year, unless you’re careful, or OCD, you didn’t see the February 29 entry in your daily devotional this year. I read My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Because of how they designed the site, you must know the title to find the February 29 entry.

A blind man-made a disturbance to get Jesus’ attention in Luke 18:36-43. He heard the crowd passing and asked who it was. When he heard that Jesus was passing, he started to make a disturbance. The people in the front of the procession continued to try to shut him up, but he yelled all the more. “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

What makes us a disturbance?

No doubt, the crowd was large. Imagine several-hundred people or more all walking together with Jesus in the center. Imagine how hard this guy must have had to work to get through all the noise and people to get Jesus’ attention.

Chambers points out that we all have things that disturb us, but only very few will make us a disturbance. We become a disturbance for truly important things we cannot deal with ourselves. If we have the power to do something, why would we upset others or risk the embarrassment by going public.

Where do we deify common sense?

Many times we choose to stay quiet and miss out. We don’t believe Jesus will heal us, or do the thing we ask. We give up because it is too hard, it takes too long, or we have to ask for a long time. I easily bail on things because Jesus has never done them for me before. Why would I think He will do something this time? Chambers says “we deify common sense.” We make common sense our god in place of Jesus.

Jesus is in the crowd right now. Our world, our flesh and our enemy the devil all work to make it difficult for us to get to Jesus (1 John 2:16). Only when we truly believe the Son of God can we risk embarrassment, shame, ridicule and failure enough to become a disturbance. And for the important things, we must become a disturbance.

Where have you made common sense your God? Where do you need to become a disturbance today?

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