Do Our Actions Matter? – Mark 9:41

Do Our Actions Matter?

Do Our Actions Matter? - Mark 9:41 | Follower of One

Mission Trip Day 10 – Remember Your Why – It’s the last day of the mission trip. Mike reminds us that our motives matter. We will get an opportunity to share, but we may not have been given that opportunity over the last two weeks. Don’t give up! Jesus tells us in this passage that every action, done because we follow Jesus, matters forever. We will not lose our reward.

It’s easy to get discouraged in our marketplace ministry. No one cares. The work world tries to exist without God. We struggle against our flesh, our world system, or economy, and the judgment of others to try and live following Jesus. Your effort counts!!! Everything you do matters. Trust what you know about Jesus, not what you see in the marketplace. Your actions matter. Everything you do will be rewarded.

Know today that Jesus doesn’t just save you to take you to heaven when you die. Your relationship with Jesus is intended to impact your everyday life and the lives of your friends. Everyone you come in contact with today is a ministry opportunity and you’re a full-time minister. Your actions matter forever whether you see any outcome from them or not. Trust God, remember why you follow Jesus and have a great day!

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