Starting New with Ken Powell, #57

Starting New

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with Ken Powell. Ken is a Financial Planner with Ronald Blue Trust and builds relationships and services based on biblical principles through his work! Please welcome him to the community!

Episode Breakdown

  • 1:00 – Meet Ken Powell
  • 1:45 – Ken’s Story
  • 4:40 – How Ken got to Seattle
  • 7:50 – Ken’s Transition to Financial Advising 
  • 14:20 – Ken’s Faith in his Work
  • 18:00 – Ken’s Thoughts on the Marketplace Mission Trip
  • 21:05 – Mike’s Story 
  • 24:25 – Connect with Ken 
  • 25:05 – Ken’s Family

God Showing Us The Path

Living your faith at work is not always easy and sometimes we don’t see God’s plan in our lives until we fully give everything to him. Ken talks with Mike about leaving a secure job and moving into a different direction in his life. This takes a good amount of courage and fortitude but God should give you that courage. God needs to be your backbone when you want to make a change in your life that may affect every aspect of your relationships. How has God spoken to you lately in ministering to those around you? Do you see opportunities that previously were not there? Those doors that are now open could be something special just waiting for you to take advantage and it is our job to make sure God is with us when we walk through them! Give it to God and let him take control. 

Making a Difference with Your Faith

In Ken’s example, his company directly supports filling the great commission of Christians. The impact we have every day is really to assist in making more Christians. So where does the “work” really begin? For Ken, it is all about helping people understand what they have and where they can be more targeted in their efforts with their money. What about you? Where does your work begin? Is it when you are servicing a client’s needs? Is it helping a client understand how they can be better with their business? Do you sell a product that helps your clients do more? These are all aspects of every work we probably see and now is the time to start pondering on where God can be injected to build a better life for yourself and those you serve. If you are wondering how to do this, take the next Marketplace Mission Trip!

Connect with Ken

Connect With Follower Of One

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