5 Actions to Go On-Mission to Your Job

There is a group preparing for this thing we call a Marketplace Mission Trip where we go on-mission to work. Most people, when they hear the idea of a marketplace mission trip, they think some pretty wild things.

“You can’t do that! You can’t force people to talk about their faith at work!”
“Do you mean a bunch of Christians are coming to my workplace?”
“Well, you know. I don’t want to be ‘that guy!’”

I started to write about some of the strange things Christians do that make others feel awkward. But then I realized someone reading this post might do some of those things.

Since we strive to help marketplace Christians feel like they can live on-mission with Jesus without going to seminary, we thought we’d take another approach. Rather than call people out, why not make a few suggestions? Each of these ideas and anything added in the comments can easily be done by a Christian at work without looking like “that guy.” Both the doers (James 1:22) and the receivers will be encouraged and deepen a friendship or extend a dialogue

5 Actions to Go On-Mission to Your Job

  1. Write a thank you note. Surely someone did something for which you are grateful? Write a brief note.
  2. Buy a lunch. Invite a coworker to lunch. Or take a good vendor to lunch. Do it just because.
  3. Ask a question. Take time to get to know someone. If they tell you the name of a family member, remember it. Ask about that family member next week. Show them they’re important to you.
  4. Listen. Really. Don’t interrupt, correct, dispute or say, “Yes, but…” Just listen.
  5. Offer to help. That’s right. Stay late and help someone else. Or come in early. Or get your job done ahead of time so you can help someone.

Begin with Prayer

This all begins with prayer. Tell God “here I am!” and then do what he says. Then, ask God to do the very thing he wants to do: grant favor to your coworkers, customers and friends. And finally, watch as he uses you to do just that.

What else would you list? When we go over and above our job description, when we do more than others would expect, they get curious. Over time, that curiosity may help them learn more about the ideas and the relationship driving your actions. If your coworker is a Christian, show them how to do these things too. When we listen to Jesus (John 10:27) and do what he says (James 1:22) in our workplaces, things change.

Pray for your coworkers, and find ways to express genuine appreciation to them for who they are and what they do. That’s a marketplace mission trip. You don’t need to start a bible study or invite people to your whatever. Simply pray for people and appreciate them and watch Jesus work. And when you see Jesus working in and through you or in the life of a coworker, share that with us below or in the Follower of One Community.

We want to equip marketplace ministers worldwide. Let us know how we can help you.

Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

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