Are You a Pest to the Status Quo? – Acts 24:5

Are You a Pest to the Status Quo?

Are You a Pest to the Status Quo? - Acts 24:5 | Follower of One

Are you a pest? Do you challenge the status quo? In today’s episode we learn about how Paul was seen as a pest for challenging the status quo as we focus on Acts 24:5.

Before we dive into today’s verse, we learn the backstory of what was happening with Paul during that time. Paul had gone back to Jerusalem. The crowd of Jews there tried to lynch him with a plot to kill him. A Roman military official ended up taking Paul and sending him off with guards to the govern, to keep peace in the area, and where he would be placed on trial. We learn that the person speaking in Acts 24:3-5 is the lawyer who is persecuting Paul at the trial. The lawyer states in Acts 24:5, “For we have found this man a real pest and a fellow who stirs up dissensions among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes.”

Paul is a problem child for the Jews. He is a pest. He is a problem for the status quo. Does your relationship with Jesus make you a pest to those around us? Not necessarily a problem that people must deal with but a little bit of a pest to those who think they have it all figured out. Hopefully, we are a pest in that regard.

Jesus calls each of us to a relationship with Him. In many ways our relationship with God is standard, such as common beliefs we share and traditional ways we do things, but at the same time our relationship with Him is unique for each of us. Since we are different and unique individuals, our relationship with God also is reflective of being individual and unique.

Sometimes God challenges us to stand up to authority, to be different then the situation or the world around us. This can be seen in situations taking place in the world today. God is calling the church to be more flexible, to do things differently, and to provide a way for others to see Jesus differently.

Ask Jesus to show you what He would have you do. Even if He asks you to show up as a pest to some of the established Christianity around you or some of the people around you who have a certain way of doing things. When we follow Jesus, we challenge the status quo, and we step outside of traditional boxes. As you pray, trust Jesus and step into the calling that He has for you.

Thank you for being a pest to the status quo. Let your relationship with Christ challenge the people around you. Let Him be visible to the people around you.

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