Put on the Armor of God at Work – Ephesians 6:11-12

By SAM Morrison

Put on the Armor of God at Work

Put on the Armor of God at Work - Ephesians 6:11-12 | Follower of One

Once we decide to be strong in the Lord, we learn how to do this. We discovered yesterday that it’s a decision, or a choice. Today, we find the main instruction, put on the full armor of God. Over the next few days we will talk about the armor itself and how we can put it on at work in our current day and time. But today, let’s think about how putting on God’s armor works. The armor is designed to help us stand against the schemes and strategies of the devil. The armor is what we use in our struggle against the devil.

Notice that our enemy is powerful. He’s not a human. Since we’re humans and Christ-followers, we must remember that our enemies aren’t human. Do you often think of the people you work with or people in your life as the enemy? Even people who resist your beliefs and who object to you, even your worst nemesis isn’t your enemy. Our enemy is powerful, strong. Our enemy is rulers. I take that to mean leaders of armies or beings with authority.

So our application for today is we have a strong enemy but it’s not the people we see. When we want to serve others so that Jesus becomes visible, we can expect opposition from the powers in charge of the fallen world. We need to prepare for battle, but our battle isn’t against people. Jesus came to die and pay for the sin of every person you know. As C.S. Lewis said, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.” We are all special because of who made us and what they paid to redeem us. We must prepare for battle, but our battle is against powers and rulers, not against coworkers, vendors, and members of another political party.

In fact, we’re called to serve those people who disagree with us. Care to join us as we practice? We have an exercise called the Marketplace Mission Trip. You can take one with us or learn how to lead one for your own small group, business or ministry. To find out more, check out MarketplaceMissionTrip.com.

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