Ask For Direction

Yesterday, I asked what you thought God’s daily purpose was for you. If God saves us so we can have a relationship with us, then he must leave us where we are for a reason. Where we are, we must work to grow our relationship with him while we live in enemy territory, where the world, our flesh and the devil resist us at every turn.

Check In

So one thing we can do daily to find and fulfill the purpose God has for us is to check in with him daily. I seldom stop and ask for directions. Google Maps makes it much easier to get around, but back in the days of paper maps, my wife would often ask me to just stop and ask someone for directions. God would like me to ask Him for direction. So first thing each day, I try to ask God to guide me and direct me.

Pray for People

Do you pray for the people you’re going to see today? Do you pray for the person who serves your coffee or the people in your workplace? I often talk with friends who have some kind of difficulty at work. Many times, I discover they don’t frequently pray for those people. Challenge yourself to pray for people as you go through your day today. On the way to work, mentally walk around the office and pray for then people you mentally pass. Ask God to show you what you can do to bless those people today.

Ask for an Assignment

And, third, we can ask God to put us to work. He is working in the lives of everyone around us. We often strive for a particular assignment or a raise in our workplace. Or we work to grow our businesses. What if we asked God to promote us? What would that look like? I’m actually not talking about wealth and prestige, but things that are eternally valuable. Will God put you in the game? Will he give you an assignment? Will he give you an opportunity to speak with a coworker about him? Will he give you an opportunity to do something for someone simply because you follow Jesus?

Jesus said, “For everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks, finds and to him who knocks it will be opened to him.” (Matthew 7:8) Rather than seeking for ourselves, today, let’s ask God to give us direction, bless those around us and to put us to work. He will show us what he wants us to do.

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  1. My prayer partner and I have established a morning prayer routine for each other. I explained our accountability in another post, but this is one thing we have determined after doing this for 3 years. We have come to the point where we often get off course with our intentions during the day. But in almost every case we recognized that we were off course because we were encouraging someone or being a help to them in some way. Of course we have gotten off course for crazy reasons too. But now when we pray for each other we first of all pray that we will be a blessing to people we meet and that we would know when God wants us to tend to the needs of others instead of sticking to our annotated task list.

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